Hi, I'm Emilia! 

I create meaningful, inclusive, and joyful human/tech experiences aligned with organizational goals.
Data-driven, empathetic UX Designer. Educator turned UX-er with Master's degree in UX from University of Michigan.

Interview tool for applicants with dyslexia

Designed an interview prep tool with goal to improve interview experience of the 78% of people with dyslexia who feel at a disadvantage. Ran generative and evaluative research to guide and validate design decisions.

Two laptop screens showing Interview Central tool

Permit application portal for local government

Led client consulting project with City of Dearborn (partnered with Google). Overhauled their permit application process, designed an online platform for applicants, and redesigned their website to meet applicant needs.

A laptop mockup and a whole page view of a website showing the permit application portal and website.

Made eBird more appealing to new citizen scientists and hobbyists

Focusing on emotional design, I redesigned the UI of the eBird mobile application with the goal of increasing new user satisfaction and retention, while retaining scientific community and all functions of UI.

Three phone screens with eBird content side-by-side

Improved local government website usability

I was the project manager for a University of Michigan student collaboration with Ann Arbor Public Works. Ran usability testing sessions and developed data-backed recommendations to improve citizens' experience on the website in order to reduce high volume of incoming calls.

Three people sitting at a table doing user testing.

Loan monitoring system for real estate agents

I worked on the design of a loan monitoring system as a UX Designer at Rocket Companies in the Product Strategy department over summer 2022.

Rocket Companies logo

Michigan events mobile app

I designed Maize & U, a mobile app to solve the issue of disparate information about events that is experienced by University of Michigan students.

Text at top says Maize & U: Michigan Events for You. The photo shows three phone screens with mockups of the Maize & U app.

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